Turn to VEGM for advice regarding a problem piece. We can also offer assistance in later stages by thinking, for example, in the preparation and design of projects. VEGM state solution advice where innovation, including the development of new technologies as well as creative use of existing technologies, play an important role.

At VEGM we use our knowledge and experience, and we look through the eyes of the client. We first make an ideal picture, and then we make a choice in consultation with the client. Only then can we achieve optimal results.


In the design VEGM attaches great importance to a functional solution. In this state, the ease of use, as well as durability of the design, are central. It is also important that the whole has a suitable appearance and that it is in harmony with the environment.


The realization of a project is offered at VEGM, in a design and construct contract. Here we take care of the entire process, including design, drawings and specifications and we present you the cost. Next, we work out that the construction plan is being implemented and we will give here careful lead.

Supervision & Management Support:

VEGM oversees the realization of a project and evaluates the completed work from her vision. Management support and oversight attitude include monitoring the progress, quality and budget, but also all the communication around a project.

The Implement manager takes a lot of work from the client and takes responsibility for the quality and progress of work. Lining management is a broad subject with many facets. Every client and every project set different requirements and are in a different environment. The implementation of project management is therefore customised at VEGM, always solution and result oriented.

Management & Maintenance:

Management and maintenance are in line with the vision and functionality that the design has been established. Through our expertise, we are able to offer specific care, in which sustainability is respected.

VEGM has the expertise to determine through a digital terrain model (DTM) data volume. Our surveyor measures the desired points in the field and processes the data into a digital terrain model (DTM). On the basis of this data there can be created a reliable 3D model for analysis of the current situation and new situations.